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Program on official PA TV discusses Abbas’ doctoral thesis which claims secret ties between the Nazis and Zionists

Official PA TV program The Philosophy of Patience, on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ doctoral thesis

Official PA TV narrator: “[Then] Palestinian-Soviet Friendship Association Chairman [Mahmoud Abbas] worked on a doctoral thesis, which he published in a valuable book called ‘The Other Side – The Secret Connection Between Nazism and Zionism.’
In this book, Abbas exposed through documents the global Zionist movement’s connections with the Nazi government and the agreements that the Zionists and Nazis signed, and particularly the Ha’avara Agreement – a word in Hebrew meaning transfer (the 1933-1939 Ha’avara Agreement was an arrangement for Jews to leave Germany for the Land of Israel –Ed.).”

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ friend Khader Al-Zafiri: “A committee of 27 lecturers convened, and the attendees waited, a large number of attendees. Why this attendance? It was not a routine doctoral thesis, even its name, relative to the Russians. In any case, as is customary when a student defends his thesis, he writes up three or four pages and can read from them.
Brother Abbas did not have a page, [he had] an outline that he read from like this and he began. The translator, one of the translators, Volodia, from the Institute of Oriental Studies [of the Soviet Academy of Sciences], he is an expert in the Arabic and Russian languages.[Abbas] spoke sublimely in defense of his thesis; Abbas has verbal and rhetoric capabilities, and he really defended his thesis. We sat, and then the president of the supervisory committee of the Institute of Oriental Studies got up and he asked brother Abbas a question: ‘Do you have the documents that prove your words?’ And he took [his thesis] and said: ‘I have 93 documents that prove what I’m saying.’ And he read the summary of the first document, etc., etc., etc., and even the documents that were in his possession that he had obtained from Israel. In any case, he graduated with honors and the Institute of Oriental Studies asked that the doctoral thesis be published as a book in Russian.”

Narrator: “Student Mahmoud Abbas defended his thesis, ‘The Other Side,’ and received the title of doctor at the University (sic., Institute) of Oriental Studies.”

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