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Palestinian TV and satellite channels were #1 during Intifada (2000-2005)

     “Dean of the Faculty of Media in Al-Aqsa University Hussein Abu Shanab…
In the study, he revealed the extent to which the media were followed during the Intifada’s events (the PA terror campaign 2000-2005). Television and satellite channels were in the first place. Palestinian TV and Palestinian satellite channels were in the first place [among TV and satellite channels] with 76.6%, Al-Jazeera in the second place with 52.3%, while Abu-Dhabi, Egypt and the MBC satellite channel were in the third place.
The study revealed that the general picture of the Intifada’s events and the pictures of children and demonstrations on TV drew the attention of the Palestinian mother. This contributed to increasing political awareness and strengthened [the sense of] national belonging.
The [study] found that inclination towards Martyrdom (Shahada) was influenced by the Palestinian family’s situation. [The Palestinian family] brings up the topic of the Intifada daily in conversation and in discussion among family members; this acts as a catalyst for children and youth to take part in its events.
This became clear through the answers to [the question, ‘What are] the reasons that motivate Martyrs (Shahids) to seek Martyrdom? National duty was first place with a rate of 87.9%, defending Jerusalem was second with 53% and the religious motive was third place with 48.6%. The study also found that the media have a clear impact on strengthening [the sense of] national belonging.
The study showed that the media left a clear impact on the Martyr while he followed the general course of the Intifada before his Martyrdom death [in the media]: The Martyr felt pain in 84% of [the cases], objected to the situation in 85%, shouted and raised his voice in 35.5% and declared revenge in 61% [of the cases]… The religious motive and spending time in a mosque were [the motives] for 85% [of Martyrs].”