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PA Ministry of Information attacks US Ambassador David Friedman, calling to put him on the global terror list

Headline: "The [PA] Ministry of Information: Friedman is the ambassador of the settlements and the advocate of extremism"

"The [PA] Ministry of Information threw light on US Ambassador in Tel Aviv David Melech Friedman's life story, whose name has become prominent in [US] President [Donald] Trump's administration, and who is known for his extremist positions which support the settlement enterprise and which contradict international law and the resolutions of the [UN] Security Council and General Assembly.
Friedman is a Jewish lawyer with expertise in bank failures. He is one of the four sons of [the late] Morris Friedman, rabbi of the conservative synagogue Temple Hillel in New York…
What stands out in the life story of the ambassador who is biased in favor of the occupation is his volunteering to head the institute American Friends of the Beit El Institutions (sic., American Friends of Beit El), which gives $2 million annually to a settlement that was established on lands north-east of occupied Ramallah, and at whose checkpoints dozens of Palestinians have died as Martyrs (Shahids), been wounded, and been tortured. Friedman claims that there is no problem of occupation…
The American ambassador writes a column in the notorious newspaper Arutz Sheva, which is published in the Beit El colony, and which constitutes a platform for incitement against the members of our people. Through it, Friedman presents opinions that oppose the two-state solution…
The [PA] Ministry [of Information] calls to put Ambassador Friedman on the global terror list, as he violates international law, supports the settlement enterprise, and promotes ethnic cleansing, and dark racism.”