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PA Education Minister: Israel’s accusation of incitement in the PA schoolbooks is an “outright lie;” PA and UK continue cooperation in education

Headline: “Saidam to the British consul-general: Israel’s accusing the Palestinian curricula of incitement is an outright lie”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam said that the Palestinian curricula are open for everyone to check, and that Israel’s accusing them of incitement is an outright lie. While meeting yesterday [April 3, 2018] with British Consul-General in Jerusalem Philip Hall at the ministry building in Ramallah, Saidam said that Israel always refuses investigations of its own curricula . He added that the incitement against the Palestinian education system and the national curricula in particular is one of the characteristics of the occupation, something that many international – and even Israeli – studies have exposed and dealt with. Saidam again emphasized that the Palestinian curricula include human and national content. He called on the international media bodies that are interested in education to pay attention to the occupation state’s curricula, to examine their content, and to check the stereotypes and incitement materials that they contain. The British consul expressed his country’s support for the education [system] and for broadening the horizons of cooperation through many joint programs and initiatives, which attests to education’s role and mission in developing and advancing societies.”