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PA TV news item accuses Israel of planting mines in Palestinian lands

Official PA TV News, on landmines in the Tubas area, hosting Acting Governor of Tubas Ahmed Al-As’ad

Official PA TV reporter: “For International Danger of Mines and War Remnants Awareness Day (i.e., International Mine Awareness Day), the Palestinian Center Against Mines organized an activity to raise awareness in the village of Al-Aqaba, east of Tubas, in order to raise awareness among the residents to the danger posed to their lives as a result of the remnants of war.” […]
Acting Governor of Tubas Ahmed Al-As’ad: “The village Al-Aqaba is being attacked by the occupation in all ways. What is happening in the Al-Aqaba region contradicts the international agreements, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention that requires protecting civilians under occupation. The occupation forces are implementing all the forms of abuse against our people in these areas. They are closing this area, and during training they plant mines in the ground, and that leads to victims dying.”