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Fatah condemns US-led attack on Syria, demands world also focus on Israeli “massacres” against Palestinians

Headline: "The factions condemn the tripartite aggression’ against Syria"
     "The factions yesterday [April 14, 2018] condemned the Western tripartite act of aggression that the US, Britain, and France perpetrated against Syria… The Fatah Movement said in a statement by the Commission of Information, Culture, and Ideology that the tripartite military attack on the land of the Arab republic of Syria constitutes illegal use of military force, as it took place without a mandate from the [UN] Security Council, and therefore is liable to have severe consequences regarding the situation in Syria, the region's security, and its welfare.
The movement also emphasized its strong opposition to any use of chemical weapons, whose use has been internationally banned. It said that there is great doubt regarding the media reports on such use in Douma approximately a week ago, and that they have not been verified. It also said that the military attack will cause a disruption of the investigation begun by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
Fatah emphasized that it stands firmly alongside the brother members of the Syrian people in their time of trouble, and absolutely adheres to maintaining Syria’s unity and territorial integrity.
Fatah Central Committee member and [Fatah] Commissioner of Mobilization and Organization [in the West Bank] Jamal Muhaisen stated; The fact that the act of aggression took place at a time when the Arab Summit is convening constitutes contempt for the Arab world and its leadership.' Muhaisen emphasized… that the attack on Syria is an attack on Arab honor and on the unified Arab position.
Muhaisen demanded that just as the world claims it is worried about Syria’s children, so too it should worry about Palestine’s children, stop the Israeli massacres against them, rein in the Israeli occupation, and put an end to its actions against the members of our people."

Western strikes on Syrian chemical weapons - The US, the UK, and France launched missile strikes on three chemical weapons facilities in Syria on April 14, 2018, in response to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical attacks on civilians in Douma on April 7, 2018. Russia, a key backer of Assad’s regime, condemned the Western strikes. The US warned that it is ready to strike again if Assad continues to use chemical weapons.

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