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PMW director interviewed by CBN News on PA continuation of terror salaries policy

Chris Mitchell  |

Palestinian Authority Will Continue Paying
Terrorist 'Martyrs' and Their Families
[Click here to view footage of the interveiw with PMW's director]

Congress recently passed the Taylor Force Act, named after a US citizen who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Israel. The law prevents US aid to the Palestinian Authority if it continues the practice of paying convicted terrorists and their families, a policy sometimes known as "pay to slay."

When the Taylor Force Act became law, Congress expected the PA to get the message. [...]

Yet PA President Mahmoud Abbas ignored any signs, blatantly refusing to honor the new law even though it could mean millions in lost aid.


Rewarding terrorists and their families has been built into the fabric of Palestinian society, as well as its budget, for decades.


"The passing of the Taylor Force Act by Congress and the enactment and the signing by the president is a very, very important message to the Palestinian Authority that when you reward terror, you can no longer receive American aid," Itamar Marcus, director of the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) told CBN News.

PMW first reported on the Palestinian Authority's payment to terrorists in 2011.

"The great tragedy of, I would say of the past 20 years, is that the Palestinian Authority acted like a terror organization, they sent terrorists to kill Israelis, they rewarded them," Marcus said.