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Fatah official: “Israel is creating pretexts to empty Jerusalem of its [Arab] residents;” Israeli home demolitions lead to high rates of early marriages among Palestinians in Jerusalem

Official PA TV program Wildflower on difficulties Israel causes Palestinian women, hosting Fatah Revolutionary Council member Salwa Hadib and Public Relations Director for the Jerusalem Institute for Societal Development Amanah As'ad

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Salwa Hadib: "The issue is that Israel is creating pretexts to empty Jerusalem of its [Arab] residents, hence the destruction of homes, the expropriation of lands, settlement, and the wall – all of these lead to a situation of loss and break up the family. In other words, if the homes are destroyed, it leads to poverty, unemployment, and social ills, the most important of them being early marriage. The highest rate of early marriage in Palestine is found in Jerusalem. The highest rate of divorce among the Palestinian women and child wives is also in Jerusalem. Therefore there are very negative ramifications-"
Official PA TV host: "If so, we are of course going to talk about social ramifications."
Salwa Hadib: "Yes, the main one of them being the destruction of homes in Jerusalem."