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Student union at Al-Quds Open University holds "The Prince of Martyrs Khalil Al-Wazir 'Abu Jihad' Tournament"

Headline: “The Al-Zuhour [team] is champion and the Asafrah [team] is second in the Prince of Martyrs Abu Jihad Tournament”
       “The Martyr Ziyad Al-Zuhour team was crowned champion after it defeated the Martyr Taha Asafrah team with a score of 2-1 in the Prince of Martyrs Khalil Al-Wazir ‘Abu Jihad’ Tournament (i.e., terrorist, responsible for murder of 125). It was organized by the student union council of the Hebron branch of Al-Quds Open University, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death as a Martyr of Abu Jihad…
University director (sic., Hebron branch director) Dr. Abd Al-Qader Al-Darawish… mentioned the memory of leader Martyr Abu Jihad in his speech… He mentioned his path and history, which will remain in our hearts forever, and emphasized that we draw confidence, a spirit of sacrifice, and a desire to continue the struggle from this magnificent anniversary. He added that the commemoration of the anniversary is expressed by loyalty to the great leaders’ principles, following their path, and rising to a level of greatness in sacrificing for the homeland and its freedom…
He also praised the organization of these quality championships, which take place as part of a series of multi-purpose activities on the student council’s agenda. He expressed hope for continuation, which will certainly gain full support from the university administration. He also thanked everyone who participated and contributed to the success of this activity.”
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The “Martyr Ziyad Al-Zuhour team” mentioned in the text is named after a terrorist who threw firebombs at Israeli forces near Hebron on Jan. 19, 2006; the soldiers shot in response and killed him. The “Martyr Taha Asafrah team” is named after a Palestinian who was killed in a suicide bombing on Dec. 29, 2005. In the attack two suicide bombers blew themselves up when their taxi was stopped at an Israeli army roadblock near Tulkarem, as they were en route to Israel. In the blast Israeli army officer Ori Binamo, the taxi driver, and Asafrah -who was also in the taxi - were murdered, and the two terrorists died. PMW has been unable to verify if Asafrah and the driver were connected to the suicide bombers.

Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir) - was a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat. He headed the PLO terror organization's military wing and also planned many deadly Fatah terror attacks in the 1960’s - 1980’s. These attacks, which murdered a total of 125 Israelis, included the most lethal in Israeli history - the hijacking of a bus and murder of 37 civilians, 12 of them children.

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