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PLO Commission of Prisoners` Affairs: Israel is carrying out “medical crimes” and “planting illnesses” in Palestinian prisoners’ bodies

Headline: "The sick prisoners in the Ramle Medical Center are suffering greatly from pain and harsh treatment"
       "In a report of the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, it was noted that the sick prisoners who are in what is known as the Ramle Medical Center are suffering from a most severe state of health, and sleep for two thirds of the day in order to escape the pain.
The commission noted that sick prisoner Yasser Rabai'ah (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1 together with an accomplice) will be transferred to Soroka Hospital due to the deterioration in his state of health and a tumor in the liver…
The sick prisoners said yesterday [April 22, 2018] during a visit by a lawyer from the commission that their bodies have become fertile ground for epidemics and illnesses, and that the administration of what is called the Ramle Medical Center is implementing the most terrible policy of medical murder against them, which is expressed, among other ways, by not diagnosing their illnesses, not transferring them to civilian hospitals, preventing the necessary medical treatments for them, and sufficing in providing pain killers and sleeping pills…
The commission held the occupation fully responsible for the life of prisoner Rabai'ah. It noted that the time has come to put an end to the medical crimes and the planting of illnesses in the bodies of the prisoners."

Yasser Rabai'ah and Ismail Radaida – Palestinian terrorists who murdered Greek Orthodox monk Tsibouktsakis Germanus in an attack on the Jerusalem-Ma'ale Adumim road on June 12, 2001.

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