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Official Fatah Facebook praises Abbas for cursing Trump and US Ambassador

Image and text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

The image shows the PLO logo featuring a flame, the Palestinian flag, and the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.
Text on logo: “The Palestinian Liberation Organization
National unity, national mobilization
Behind the logo is a view of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock in the foreground and western Jerusalem behind it. Three Palestinian flags are in the bottom left corner.
Text on bottom of image: “Palestinian Liberation Organization”

Posted text: “The one who said no to the occupation
Said no to [US President Donald] Trump and added #May_your_house_be_destroyed (refers to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ curse directed at Trump on Jan. 14, 2018 –Ed.)
And said to the US superpower and its representative [American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman] #Son_of_a_bitch (refers to Abbas’ curse directed at Friedman on March 19, 2018 –Ed.)
From the Palestinian territories that are under occupation
And from the heart of the fortress of resolve and defiance and the Muqata’a [PA] presidential headquarters, where Martyr (Shahid) [former PLO and PA Chairman] Yasser Arafat fortified himself and waged the battle of determination to protect the state’s existence and its presence on the land of Palestine
Capable of making every decision that will serve the interests of our cause and our people, even about the land of our occupied state
#Yes_to_convening_the_[Palestinian_]National_Council (i.e., the legislative body of the PLO)”

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