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Finland grants 3 million euros in aid to the PA education sector

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Education signs an agreement with Finland granting additional aid to the educational sector”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam signed a cooperation agreement today (Thursday) [April 26, 2018] with Representative of Finland in Palestine Anna-Kaisa Heikkinen, according to which Finland will grant the Palestinian educational sector 3 million euros of additional aid through support for the [PA] Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s strategic development plan…
Saidam emphasized that this agreement proves that Finland is making sure to support the educational sector in Palestine. He expressed his appreciation for this strategic support, which helps the ministry implement its strategic plans whose goal is to bring about a significant boost in the field of education. Heikkinen… emphasized Finland’s commitment to continue this support in a way that will contribute to the development of this crucial sector and the improvement of its performance.”

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