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PA Education Minister denies Israeli charges of incitement in PA schoolbooks; claims Israeli schoolbooks “call for violence and murder”

Headline: “Saidam briefs a Finnish minister about the status of the education…”
“[PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education, [Fatah Central Committee Deputy Secretary, and Fatah Revolutionary Council Deputy Secretary] Sabri Saidam briefed F innish Minister for [Foreign] Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen and members of her entourage regarding the status of the educational sector in Palestine. [He also briefed them] on the challenges and difficulties that the educational sector is dealing with due to the steps of the occupation, which is waging an incitement campaign against it, and particularly against the schoolbooks… Saidam emphasized that the [PA] Ministry [of Education] is showing great interest in taking additional steps of development in the field of education, in a way that will ensure the improvement of its quality and implementation, and in utilizing the Finnish support for initiatives whose goal is promoting this essential sector. He refuted the claims of the occupation and its incessant campaign, according to which there is incitement in the Palestinians’ schoolbooks. Saidam again emphasized that the occupation’s schoolbooks are the ones that call for violence and murder, which is proven by the crimes that the occupation soldiers are committing against the Palestinian people… He gave the minister a booklet documenting the incitement in the occupation state’s schoolbooks.”