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PA government condemns passage in first reading of Israeli bill that cuts equivalent amount of money from Israeli tax allowances to the PA that the PA pays to terrorists

Headline: "The [PA] government emphasized its full support for the results of the [Palestinian] National Council meeting"
       "During its weekly meeting that was held yesterday [May 8, 2018] in Ramallah, led by [PA Prime Minister] Rami Hamdallah… the [PA] government condemned the fact that the Israeli Parliament passed a bill (i.e., passed in a first reading; see note below) that allows the Israeli government to confiscate the Palestinian money and deduct the allowances (mukhassasat) of the prisoners and Martyrs' (Shahids') families from the tax revenues, which are Palestinian money and not [given as] an act of kindness by Israel… The government emphasized: 'Any deduction from these revenues and its cloaking in a legal framework is nothing but an Israeli act of robbery and theft of Palestinian money.'"

Bill to deduct terror salaries from PA tax money - A bill proposed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense that would deduct the amount of money the PA pays imprisoned terrorists and families of "Martyrs" from the tax money Israel collects for the PA, which was passed by the Israeli Parliament in a first reading on May 7, 2018. The bill would enable the deducted money to be used for infrastructure benefiting all West Bank residents, compensation awarded to terror victims in lawsuits against the PA or individual terrorists, and projects aimed at eliminating terror.

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