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PA Minister of Culture present at signing of book which denies any Jewish connection to Jerusalem, claiming “[The Jews’] only connection is a connection of military occupation”

Headline: "Signing of the English translation of the book Jerusalem, Allah's City, by researcher Dr. Younes Amr"

"Al-Quds Open University President Dr. Younes Murshid Amr yesterday [May 12, 2018] signed the English translation of his book Jerusalem, Allah's City…
The book was translated from Arabic to English by [PA] Minister of Social Development Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sha'er…
Present at the signing was [PA] Minister of Culture Ehab Bessaiso…
His Honor Minister Bessaiso said that Dr. Amr and Dr. Al-Shaer have contributed to the creation of an explanation of Jerusalem’s Arabness that is meant for an audience of English readers, and this is on behalf of Palestine and on behalf of the [PA] Ministry of Culture.
He added that the Ministry of Culture is pleased about the launching of the English translation of the book Jerusalem, Allah's City at the Palestine International Book Fair, so that this ceremony will be a kind of victory for the identity of Jerusalem and its history…
Minister Al-Shaer spoke about the experience of translating the book from Arabic to English, and said: 'The book documents that Jerusalem is the heart of Palestine and its capital, as our Jebusite and Canaanite forefathers built it. The launch of the book in English – the mother tongue of US President [Donald] Trump – specifically at this time is a very important step… This book refutes many deceptions and distortions that Western public opinion and the Western governments currently believe in.’

The author of the book, Dr. Amr, said… that the main reason that led him to write this book is the occupation's lie. He noted that he studied the Israeli sources, which falsify everything and fabricate the historical and geographical facts …
He added: 'The talk about the connection of the Jews to Jerusalem is a big lie, as they have no [true] connection to Jerusalem, and as their only connection is a connection of military occupation. For the Jews David is a king, but for us he is a prophet and his burial place is unknown. Jerusalem was conquered by a king, and not by a prophet…'
Dr. Amr said that the only place that Allah chose to serve as a gate from earth to Heaven for Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them, is Jerusalem… which proves the religious connection between Christianity and Islam and this city, and the enormity of the fraud and falsehood in the claim that it is a holy city for the Jews
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