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Fatah photoshops Reuters’s photo to say US embassy in Jerusalem is an "illegal settlement," "Trump makes Israel more racist"

Picture and picture posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

The photoshopped picture shows American and Israeli flags and a sign pointing to the new American embassy in Jerusalem, on which the original text (see below) is replaced with the following text in Hebrew, Arabic, and English: "US settlement" - with a spelling mistake in the Hebrew. To the sign's right is a poster on which the original text (see below) is replaced with: "Trump makes Israel more racist"

Posted text: "The American settlement"

Actual text on the sign in Hebrew, Arabic, and English: "US Embassy"
Actual text on the poster in English: "Trump Make Israel Great"
[Photo credit: Reuters, May 11, 2018]
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US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel - On Dec. 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and instructed the State Department to begin preparations to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump added that the final borders of Jerusalem will be determined during negotiations. The US embassy opened in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, the anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence in 1948 according to the Gregorian calendar.

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