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PA: Israeli actions against PA curriculum and education in East Jerusalem are “a blatant violation of human rights”

Headline: "The [PA] government reviewed the financial developments and the functioning of the general budget and emphasized its support for education in Jerusalem"
        "During its weekly meeting that was held yesterday [May 22, 2018] in the government headquarters in Ramallah, led by [PA] Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah… the government discussed the national plan to support education in Jerusalem, whose goal is to deal with all of the policies and steps of the occupation meant to Israelize the education, which are expressed by the allocation of large budgets for an Israeli government five-year plan to impose the Israeli curriculum, harm the Arabic language, and prevent the renovation and maintenance of schools and classrooms (a plan to reduce the gaps between the Arab sector and the rest of Israeli society; see note below –Ed.). The government expressed its strong condemnations and opposition to the Israelization plan and the attempts to harm the elements of the Palestinian national identity. It also emphasized that the Israeli acts and steps against the Palestinian schools and education in the holy city [of Jerusalem] are a blatant violation of human rights, as international law requires the occupation authorities to protect the character of the education and the identity and citizenship of the people under occupation. The government demanded not to allow this plan, and said that the education and schools in our holy city must be defended, and our Palestinian Arabic language, culture, and identity adhered to. It called on all of the relevant international organizations to act urgently to stop these severe Israeli violations of all the international and humanitarian laws and norms, and primarily those related to education."

Five-Year Education Plan – an Israeli plan, ratified in December 2015, to reduce the gaps between the Arab sector and the rest of Israeli society by improving education in the Arab sector through the implementation of the Israeli curriculum in more of the sector's schools, improvement and increase in educational facilities, improvement of the quality of education, and the guarantee of a fairer allocation of resources to the sector.