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PA TV advertises equality for women in public service spot

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

International aid organizations have been investing large amounts of money in developing Palestinian society, including the promotion of women's rights. One example is a public service advertisement running daily this month on Palestinian TV that encourages Palestinians to see women as potential leaders in society.

The short ad is an animation showing a young woman entering a women's university and graduating with honors. Later she is chosen as "Best Worker," and eventually succeeds ahead of a large number of male employees, reaching the position of director.

The ad was funded by several international bodies: The European Union, CARE, Center for Women's Affairs, Team for Women's Affairs, Mashareq and Rotana Group.

To view the PA TV public service advertisement promoting women's equality, click here.

Other projects intended to protect or advance women in PA society, funded by foreign governments and NGOs this year, have included:

  1. "Seminar on the fight against killings done in name of family honor," funded by a German NGO [Al Ayyam, Oct. 2, 2009]
  2. "Project to strengthen legal defense for women forced to the periphery of society," funded by USAID [Al Ayyam, Oct. 2, 2009]
  3. Project to advance "political participation among women," funded by an American NGO [Al Ayyam, Aug. 21, 2009]
  4. "Seminar on the topic of seeking equal rights for women," funded by the EU [Al Ayyam, Sept. 10, 2009]
  5. "Course to promote equality between men and women," funded by a German NGO [Al Ayyam, July 15, 2009]
  6. "Development of education and support for women," funded by an American NGO [Al Ayyam, July 14, 2009]