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PA TV quiz asserts Israeli city and the Negev Desert are in "Palestine"

Official PA TV program Winner, a quiz show for Ramadan that gives out prize money

Official PA TV host:
"A Palestinian city that was known in the past for the production of charcoal: ... Nazareth, Umm Al-Fahm, or Qalqilya?"
Participant: "Umm Al-Fahm." (i.e., in northern Israel)
Official PA TV host: "Congratulations, you have earned $50 in cash."

Official PA TV host: "The plateau that makes up half of Palestine's territory: ... The Negev, Hebron, the Galilee, or the West Bank?"
Participant: "The Negev." (i.e., in southern Israel)
Host: "Correct answer. The Negev is a semi-arid plateau. Among its important cities is Be'er Sheva (i.e., Israeli city)... Congratulations, you have earned $50 in cash."
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