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PMW interviewed to Der Spiegel

“Nan Jacques Zilberdik, 37, Danish writer and analyst with Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), once again had to report a depressing discovery. PMW has since 1996 monitored the Palestinian media. The organization again and again points out that the Arabic-language messages via television often are in stark contrast to official political statements and testimony of a deep hatred against Israel. Zilberdik’s recent find: Nassur, a man in a bear costume, announced during a children's TV show, that he wanted to "slaughter Jews". The show is called "Tomorrow’s Pioneers" and is produced in the Gaza Strip. The communications expert Zilberdik finds it particularly problematic that such hate-filled statements coming from a sweet bear, are given among the otherwise very sound advice: "Nobody can expect that a child exposed to such propaganda, one day will wake up and think, ‘oh, yes, now I want to make peace with Israel,’ [says Zilberdik.]" [Der Spiegel (Germany), 45/2009]