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Europe established Israel as giant ghetto to get rid of Zionists

On the PA TV program "Palestine This Morning":

Abd Al-Karim Samara, political commentator: "In 1917 Britain was a world power... and the Zionist movement was able to apply great pressure within the British government and, seemingly, also within British society, and this weight began to move – at a certain stage, when Germany was close to becoming the top world power, the Zionist movement tried to woo Hitler at that time, but the [Zionist] movement was hesitating whether to turn towards the Soviet Union or towards America… and when the compass pointed towards America, a great deal of activity began to increase the Zionist influence and the Zionist lobby in the United States. In other words, there is always an attachment to the strongest power and an attempt to influence its decision. And so it was – Balfour was one of the dignitaries who were at first hostile towards Zionism, but they began to work on him and to pressure him until he surrendered, and the Balfour Declaration was issued…
The Balfour Declaration is a vague promise, in general, but it was put to use – it spoke about a national entity or homeland for the Jews in Palestine… as though the Palestinians were primitive local inhabitants… in need of development.

Host: "In what way could it be said that Europe, and some countries outside Europe, had had enough of the Jews, and therefore made efforts to find a region or [place for a] concentration for Jews, to export them from the ghettos in their countries to a larger ghetto, and Palestine was chosen – or, other areas were chosen, too, but it was Palestine's misfortune that Israel was established here."