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PA TV: Town in northern Israel is a “Palestinian town”

Official PA TV program Winner, a quiz show for Ramadan that gives out prize money – in the show the host asks random people in various locations questions about “Palestine” and Palestinian culture. Whoever answers one question correctly receives $50, and if they answer a second question correctly they receive $100, while an incorrect answer causes them to lose all the prize money

The following is the participant’s second question:

Official PA TV host:
"A Palestinian town located north of Safed, and the Syrian Aramaic meaning [of its name] is beetle or cockroach?"
Palestinian participant:
Host: "Is it Hurfeish, Allar, or Al-Fari'a?"
Participant: “Al-Fari’a.”
Host: "Is it Hurfeish, Allar, or Al-Fari'a?"
Participant: "Hurfeish (i.e., a town in northern Israel)."
Host: "Are you sure?"
Participant: "Yes."
Host: "Final answer?"
Participant: "Yes."
Host: "Correct answer, Hurfeish, and most of its residents are from the Druze community. Congratulations, you have won $100, congratulations."