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Proud parents about terrorist son who recruited suicide bombers: “He is imprisoned for an action that honors us, and not for anything else”

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance, visit to the family of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aql

Official PA TV host:
“Despite the sorrow, do you always hold on to hope, Allah willing?”
Mother of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aql:
“Praise Allah, Master of the Universe. Our hope is that Allah will release them from prison. These are heroes we raise our heads thanks to them; Allah willing, for the next holiday Allah will rescue them from imprisonment and they will be among us.”
Host: “You don’t say: ‘I’m sick, my health condition doesn’t allow me – I don’t want to visit him’?”
Father of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aql: “It doesn’t bother me. Praise Allah, he is imprisoned for an action that honors us, and not for anything else.”
Host: “Much respect to you, my dear brother, and a good year to you and all the families of our prisoners for Eid Al-Fitr (i.e., Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan). Allah willing, all of our prisoners will be among us, released, outside the prison’s darkness.”
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Muhammad Aql – Palestinian terrorist and Islamic Jihad member who recruited and prepared the suicide bombers who attacked a bus at Karkur Junction near Hadera on Oct. 21, 2002, murdering 14 and wounding 50. Aql was also involved in additional shooting and bombing attacks. Aql is serving 14 life sentences and an additional 40 years.

Under Palestinian Authority law, the PA pays Aql and thousands of other terrorist prisoners monthly salaries from the day of their arrest. Salaries start at 1,400 shekels/month and increase until reaching 12,000 shekels/month.

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