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Official PA TV: Mother of 6 terrorists is “role model for every Palestinian woman”; PA official: “We draw our determination and our strength [from her]"

Official PA TV program Holiday Morning, PA TV reporter together with Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Laila Ghannam visit the house of Um Nasser Abu Hmeid, the mother of four terrorists serving life sentences, one dead terrorist, and another son who was arrested on June 6, 2018, for murdering an Israeli soldier; the visit comes in light of her son’s arrest and the possibility that Israel will destroy her house in response as a deterrent step

Official PA TV reporter: “Good morning to our heroic prisoners, good morning to all of the mothers – the mothers of the Martyrs, the wounded, and the prisoners, the Palestinian mothers who have sacrificed their lives and serenity for the homeland and their sons. I’m in the Al-Amari refugee camp, and more precisely with the woman we are all proud of. A woman who is an example of giving and sacrifice, the Khansa of Palestine, the oak tree of Palestine, the mother of the Martyr and prisoners, Um Nasser Abu Hmeid…
In addition, our viewers, with us is a woman who gives greatly, who is always at the front, and who participates with us and the members of our Palestinian people in all that bothers it in times of sadness and also in times of joy – Her Honor Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Dr. Laila Ghannam, good morning.”

Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Laila Ghannam: “Good morning to you and to all of the viewers, a morning of pride, a morning of greatness, a morning of prisoners, a morning of Martyrs. We are always with this fighter, from whom we draw our determination and our strength. Allah willing she will always remain upright and a symbol of the Palestinian woman who is very generous…”

Reporter: “Six sons in the Israeli occupation’s prison; tell us about their sentences.”

Umm Nasser Abu Hmeid: “Nasser was sentenced to 7 life sentences and another 50 years; Nasr was sentenced to 5 life sentences; Sharif was sentenced to 4 life sentences; Muhammad was sentenced to 2 life sentences and another 30 years; Jihad is in administrative detention; and Islam – may Allah release his chains.”

Reporter: “Allah willing salvation will come, and of course may Allah wrap Abd Al-Mun’im (i.e., terrorist, responsible for murder of 1) in his mercy…”

Laila Ghannam: “We are always for every home of a fighter and against this terrorist collective punishment. Islam, according to [the Israelis], was in the recent incident (i.e., he confessed to murdering an Israeli soldier by throwing a marble slab at him during an Israeli operation to arrest terrorists). They always look at the response to the [Israeli] action and not at the action itself. What was this occupier doing in the Al-Amari refugee camp that night? If indeed there was a response, then it is a natural response by a young man who was defending his family, his land, his refugee camp… This is not the first time that the Abu Hmeid family home is being destroyed, and this terror is being applied against this family and against many other families. This [Israeli] government has lost its senses and gone crazy, and it is attempting to impose fear on the Palestinians in every way, but nothing will frighten the Palestinians who have been standing firm for over 70 years, because they believe that this is their land and that this is their homeland. If the Abu Hmeid home is sealed or destroyed, every [other] Palestinian home will take pride and honor in having this fighting woman live in it. All of our homes are her home…”

Reporter: “Let’s talk about the role of Palestinian women in the struggle. For many years Palestinian women have indeed been a symbol of giving. They have been fighters in the full sense of the word, Your Honor district governor…”

Laila Ghannam: “Since the outbreak of the revolution, Palestinian women have had a role in the revolution, in building, and in giving. They have also taken actions. They are not just wives, mothers, or sisters, but also Martyrs, prisoners, and those carrying out operations (i.e., terror attacks) against this enemy…”

Official PA TV host: “Um Nasser Abu Hmeid is indeed a legend thanks to this defiance and resolve, and therefore she has been nicknamed the Khansa of Palestine. She is a role model for every Palestinian woman.”
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Um Nasser Abu Hmeid (Um Yusuf Abu Hmeid/Latifa Abu Hmeid) – Palestinian woman who is famous and admired in the Palestinian Authority for being the mother of 4 terrorist prisoners serving multiple life sentences, another terrorist who admitted to murdering an Israeli soldier, and another terrorist son whom the PA refers to as a "Martyr." Abu Hmeid is also called Khansa of Palestine, a name that refers to the woman Al-Khansa in the earliest period of Islam who sent her four sons to battle and rejoiced when they all died as Martyrs. Abu Hmeid was honored by the PA in 2010 and in 2015, and was chosen in 2011 to launch the PA’s statehood campaign with the UN.
Her terrorist sons are: Islam Yusuf Abu Hmeid, who admitted to murdering 1 on May 24, 2018, and is awaiting trial (as of July 1, 2018); Muhammad Abu Hmeid, who is serving 2 life sentences and 30 years for involvement in terror attacks; Nasser Abu Hmeid, who is serving 7 life sentences and 50 years for murdering 7 Israeli civilians and 12 attempted murders; Nasr Abu Hmeid, who is serving 5 life sentences for involvement in two terror attacks in which 4 were murdered and arms dealing; Sharif Abu Hmeid, who is serving 4 life sentences for involvement in terror attacks in which 4 were murdered; Abd Al-Mun'im Muhammad Yusuf Naji Abu Hmeid, who murdered 1 on Feb. 13, 1994, and was killed by Israeli military undercover agents on May 31, 1994 .

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