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Ramallah Municipality inaugurates monument to “Ramallah Martyrs”

Headline: “The inauguration of the Ramallah Martyrs Monument”
     “The Ramallah Municipality inaugurated the Ramallah Martyrs (Shahids) Monument in its old city last night [June 25, 2018]. The monument, which was erected with funding from the late Ibrahim Al-Arouri’s will, was built in honor and commemoration of Ramallah’s Martyrs in their city. Ramallah Mayor [Musa Hadid] said in his speech at the Martyrs Monument inaugural event: ‘Here in Ramallah – at the place where the pure body of the father of Palestinian nationalism, leader Martyr [former PLO and PA Chairman] Yasser Arafat, is located, in the presence of the dignitaries who are absent-present (i.e., the “Martyrs,” who are considered present in spirit), and in the presence of the souls of the self-sacrificing fighters (Fedayeen) – our spirit rises out of love and honor for these ones… who carried in their hearts the idea of revolution against the injustice and the occupation, and spread the idea of love for the soil and the land. This is our message, on the path of the first founders over the length and width of the land, from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River.”

Pictures taken from WAFA, the official PA news agency's Facebook page (first picture taken from Wikipedia):

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