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Op-ed in PA daily draws distinction between ‘good’ Jews and “despicable colonialist Zionist Jews, who act against the [rest of the] Jews and against all of humanity”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Out of loyalty to Felicia Langer"
     "International fighter Felicia Langer (an Israeli lawyer who defended Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, and authored books on alleged human rights violations by Israel –Ed.) has passed away at the age of 88…
Courageous fighter Felicia Langer was born in Poland to parents of the Jewish religion during the first 10 days of the last month of 1930 (i.e., Dec. 9, 1930). She immigrated to colonialist Israel in 1950 together with her husband…
She received a law degree from Hebrew University in 1965, and focused her efforts on defending the Palestinian prisoners of freedom before the military courts… Felicia Langer is a woman… who is sincere with herself and with her humane principles, values, and culture, which she drew from her communist education, from her firm belief in the right of peoples to self-determination, and from the deep conviction that the Palestinian people is not responsible for the crimes committed against the Jews in Europe in general, and in Hitler's Germany in particular (meaning the Palestinians should not have to “pay” for these crimes through the establishment of Israel on what they consider their land –Ed.)…
This heroic woman must receive honor and appreciation from the Palestinian people and its leadership. Out of loyalty to her, I suggest naming a street, square, or school after her, and including her exceptional experience in defending the [Palestinian] people and the prisoners' cause in the high school curriculum. This is in order to present her and her pioneering experience, and in order to teach the members of the Palestinian people that the members of the Jewish religion are not all the same, and that there are [among them] real people who believe in justice and the rights of the peoples, and primarily the Palestinian people… and that there are the despicable colonialist Zionist Jews, who act against the [rest of the] Jews and against all of humanity, and not just against the Palestinians."