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PA government: Light Festival in Jerusalem is "Judaization;" Jerusalem has been Arab "since the dawn of history"

Headline: "The [PA] government condemns a Judaizing festival the occupation is holding in Jerusalem"
      "The [PA] national unity government yesterday [July 1, 2018] condemned the Judaizing festival called the International Festival of Light, which the occupation authorities are holding in occupied Jerusalem. Official [PA] Government Spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud said: 'What the occupation authorities call the International Festival of Light in our occupied capital is nothing but one of the means of Judaization, which the occupation authorities are attempting to impose.' He added: 'The reality requires that the festival be called the Blackout Festival and not the Festival of Light as they call it, as the occupation is attempting to use all means for its dark goals, and this includes the light and its beauty, in order to guarantee that an additional blackout will be imposed on the history and present of the most holy and ancient Arab city (sic., the Kaaba in Mecca is Islam's holiest site, and Mecca was Arab long before the Arab conquest of Jerusalem)…' Al-Mahmoud said that the entire world agrees that East Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian city, and more than 138 states recognize it as the capital of the State of Palestine. He added that most of the historians, Arabs and foreigners, and among them Israelis too, recognize the Arabness of Jerusalem since the dawn of history (sic., the first Arab conquest of Jerusalem was in 638 CE)."