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Abbas rejects US President’s Trump peace plan just as Arafat rejected deals for a state, saying, “Let the deal of shame fall”

Headline: "Fatah: Independence, the state, Jerusalem, and the refugees are our causes, and the legal government is the address"

"The Fatah Movement has expressed firm opposition to all of the dubious efforts orchestrated and directed by Israel and the US to take care of the Palestinian people’s needs through humanitarian aid and not through the political [route], which is the only way to put an end to the Palestinian people’s suffering in Gaza and the West Bank alike. It emphasized that independence, Jerusalem, and the refugees are our causes, for which tens of thousands have sacrificed their lives.
Official Fatah Spokesperson and Fatah Revolutionary Council member Osama Al-Qawasmi emphasized yesterday evening (Sunday) [July 1, 2018] that the US, Israel, and several of their pawns are bypassing [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas' firm stance against the plot by means of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. He warned and reminded that only Israel and those who support it and conspire with it are the ones that want the Palestinian problem to be resolved from a humanitarian perspective, at the expense of the political issue, the rights, and the right to self-determination.
Al-Qawasmi said: ‘Hamas' very thought of making a deal with the occupation in return for an improvement in the humanitarian situation in Gaza is a thought of treason against the homeland, which we oppose and hope is not true. We in Fatah remind that when [former PLO and PA Chairman] leader Martyr (Shahid) Yasser Arafat was offered many billions in order that he agree to the results of the Camp David [Summit] and to a state without Jerusalem, he refused and preferred Martyrdom (Shahada). Now, heroic [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas has been exposed to all of the temptations and threats so that he would agree to what is called 'the deal of the century' (referring to US President Donald Trump's as yet unpublished peace plan –Ed.), but his response, which echoes from every podium, has been “Let the deal of shame fall.” He has rejected the threats and the alleged aid.’"