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PA foreign minister condemns Australian cut to aid to the PA over terror salaries

Headline: “Al-Malki: The hostile position of Australia, which has stopped the aid, serves the extremist agenda in Israel”
       “The State of Palestine’s [PA] Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki said that the position of Australia, which has stopped the aid to the State of Palestine, constitutes a hostile position against the Palestinian people’s rights and [shows Australia is] being dragged after the extremist Israeli position. This is expressed in [Australia’s] use of the social security system, which is meant for the families of the Palestinian prisoners, as an excuse for its reallocation of its aid to Palestine (Australia announced on July 2, 2018, that it is ceasing direct aid to the PA; see note below –Ed.). In a statement, Al-Malki emphasized this evening (Tuesday) [July 3, 2018] that the regretful position of the present Australian government is not surprising, as it has consistently and embarrassingly failed to fulfill its obligations according to international law in everything related to the rights of the Palestinian people… Al-Malki emphasized that the present Australian government’s announcement is an additional step, through which this government is again proving that it is investing in the Israeli government’s war agenda…
The minister of foreign affairs emphasized that the present Australian government’s announcement will not intimidate the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people. He said: ‘We are continuing to fulfill our obligations to our people that is heroically and courageously standing firm, despite the continuation of the Israeli colonialist occupation, the persecution, and the racist discrimination for more than 50 years.’”

Australia cuts direct aid to the PA - Australia announced on July 2, 2018, that it is ceasing its direct aid to the PA, and instead will transfer aid through the UN. In announcing the move, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop explained it was taken after Australia unsuccessfully sought confirmation from the PA that the aid was not going to pay terrorists. Bishop added: "Any assistance provided by the PLO to those convicted of politically motivated violence is an affront to Australian values and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians." PMW has led the exposure of the salaries paid by the PA to terrorists and their families.