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PLO official in Syria calls Israel “the Zionist enemy”

Headline: “The PLO in Damascus honors the teachers volunteering in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp and Yalda”
     “Yesterday [July 7, 2018] the PLO Political Department [in Syria] honored the volunteer teachers who have taught the Palestinian students in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp and the town of Yalda for free for five years.
According to [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ instructions, Director of the PLO Political Department [in Syria] Anwar Abd Al-Hadi gave [the teachers] a monetary gift and a certificate from the PLO as a sign of appreciation for their dedicated efforts… Abd Al-Hadi said: ‘Our struggle with the Zionist enemy today is a struggle of minds, and therefore we must deal with this enemy through excellence and success, and this is by building an intelligent generation that is aware’… He noted that President Mahmoud Abbas… always emphasizes that knowledge is the most effective weapon for the defeat of our enemy, and that through knowledge we will restore our rights to ourselves.”

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