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Song on PA TV encourages Palestinians to die as “Martyrs” for Bedouin village: “Every day a Martyr is born, We will die and redeem Khan Al-Ahmar, In spite of you, O snake”

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Song lyrics: “We are masters, not slaves
Every day a Martyr is born
We will die and redeem Khan Al-Ahmar
In spite of you, O snake”

This song was first broadcast on July 9, 2018 and was broadcast 15 times during 2018, most recently on Oct. 28, 2018. 

Khan Al-Ahmar is a site where Palestinian Bedouins have illegally erected dwellings and a school, mostly simple shacks, on land in Area C (i.e., land under full Israeli administration according to the Oslo Accords). The Israeli authorities have ordered the demolition of these structures and offered alternative sites for them. A number of petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court against the demolition orders have been considered and then rejected by the court. As of October 31, 2018, the illegally constructed buildings have not been demolished. Palestinians have held protests at the site against the demolition, some of which have turned violent.