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Official PA daily announces “launch of a national campaign to annul the occupation’s decision to steal the money of the families of the Martyrs and the prisoners”

Headline: “The launch of a national campaign to annul the occupation’s decision to steal the money of the families of the Martyrs and the prisoners”

“Popular activists and national forces emphasized in a meeting the importance of unifying the efforts at all of the official and popular levels to annul the occupation’s decision to expropriate the tax money (refers to law to deduct terror salaries from PA tax money; see note below –Ed.), which is a clear act of robbery against our people’s rights and the rights of the families of the Martyrs (Shahids), the prisoners, and the wounded.
This meeting was held yesterday [July 12, 2018] at the call of the Supreme Council for Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs, and in the presence of representatives of the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs, the [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club, and popular and civilian forces and activists. The participants emphasized the importance of joint work at the political and diplomatic level, and also that all of the Palestinians must bear responsibility for this issue, which the occupation government is attempting to use as an opening to pass the deal of the century (refers to US President Donald Trump’s as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan –Ed.). This is through political blackmail that is meant to extract an agreement on matters that were already rejected in the past by all of the Palestinian bodies and institutions.
In the meeting it was decided to launch a widespread local and international campaign to expose the occupation’s actions against the prisoners and the complex crime that the occupation is committing against them, against their relatives, and against the entire Palestinian people. This campaign will begin this coming Tuesday afternoon [July 17, 2018] at Martyr Yasser Arafat Square in the center of Ramallah, as a prelude to a series of activities with the participation of the families of the Martyrs, the prisoners, and the wounded, and all of the popular and national activists.”

Law to deduct terrorist salaries from PA tax money - Israeli law to deduct and freeze the amount of money the PA pays in salaries to imprisoned terrorists and families of "Martyrs" from the tax money Israel collects for the PA. Should the PA stop these payments for a full year, the Israeli government would have the option of giving all or part of the frozen money to the PA. The law was enacted on July 2, 2018.
During the parliamentary vote, the law's sponsor Avi Dichter said: “The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee received much help in its deliberations... from Palestinian Media Watch who provided us with authentic data that enabled productive and professional deliberations, nuances that are very difficult to achieve without precise data.” [Israeli Parliament website, July 2, 2018]