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Fatah officials praise “those that excelled in the high school final exams,” saying knowledge is as important a weapon as a rifle, and emphasizing that the salaries to terrorists “are a red line that cannot be crossed”

Headline: "Salfit: Fatah honors those that excelled in the high school final exams – Class of Khan Al-Ahmar"

"Under the name [Class of] Khan Al-Ahmar: Resolve and Victory (referring to illegal Bedouin buildings on Israeli state land; see note below –Ed.), the Fatah Movement’s Salfit branch two evenings ago [July 12, 2018] honored those that excelled in the high school final exams in the Salfit district…

Secretary of the Fatah Salfit branch Abd Al-Sattar Awwad welcomed those present and congratulated the students who succeeded, who are the knights of Palestine who are waving the flag of knowledge alongside the flag of resistance, as eternal Martyr (Shahid) [former PLO and PA Chairman] Yasser Arafat emphasized…
In his speech, Salfit District Governor Ibrahim Al-Balawi expressed joy over the students excelling in the exams… He emphasized the importance of knowledge, which is considered a weapon of equal value to a rifle against the occupation and the policy of dumbing-down that it is implementing against the Palestinian people…
Fatah Deputy Chairman [and Fatah Central Committee member] Mahmoud Al-Aloul conveyed [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas' congratulations to the students that succeeded and excelled…
In his speech, he reviewed the Palestinian political situation and talked about the leadership’s determination to release the prisoners from the occupation's prison. He emphasized that the salaries (rawatib) of the prisoners and Martyrs are a red line that cannot be crossed."

Khan Al-Ahmar
is a site where Palestinian Bedouins have illegally erected dwellings and a school, mostly simple shacks, on land in Area C (i.e., land under full Israeli administration according to the Oslo Accords). The Israeli authorities have ordered the demolition of these structures and offered alternative sites for them. A number of petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court against the demolition orders have been considered and then rejected by the court. As of July 17, 2018, the illegally constructed buildings have not been demolished. During July 2018, Palestinians have held protests, some which turned violent, against the demolition at the site.
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