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Editorial in official PA daily claims Hamas gives Israel an “excuse” to attack Gaza, calls Hamas shooting rockets into Israel “merciful shelling”

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily

Headline: “Hamas’ merciful shelling!”

“How long will the deceit of the ‘revolutionary’ slogans be allowed, especially the slogan that the Hamas Movement repeats day and night claiming an equation according to which ‘bombing will be answered with bombing’ – an equation that is incorrect and unrealistic, as if it was a struggle between two equivalent arsenals with the same might and effectiveness!
This is what the Israeli occupation undoubtedly wants, since it gives its excuse – ‘self-defense’ – a more extensive place in its media and its political discourse. In this way its excuse becomes more reasonable and more accepted than it currently is accepted, and specifically in the American media!

Let us read Hamas’ equation from a realistic viewpoint: The aggressive Israeli bombings… exact additional victims among our people’s civilians in the disaster stricken Gaza Strip… while Hamas’ shelling can simply and unhesitatingly be called ‘merciful shelling,’ which does not cause notable losses on the Israeli side – not of life and not of property! (The relatively limited damage caused to Israel by Hamas is a result of imprecise weaponry and Israeli defensive measures, not “merciful” intent from the Hamas terrorists –Ed.)

Gaza’s blood has flowed every day as a result of the wild Israeli bombings, while Hamas’ response is a meaningless equation…
How long will the deceit of this equation last? How long will this deceit be allowed?”