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Director-General of official PA TV: PA media's role is to create the news in order to best convey its message

Official PA TV News, interview with PA TV Director-General Khaled Sukkar, following PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ surprise visit to the official PA TV channel’s building

Official PA TV host: “How do you view the significance of this transition to the rubric of professionalism in television – in radio and in television – in the [Palestinian] Broadcasting Corporation; and how significant is conveying the Palestinian national scene and picture to the world?”
PA TV Director-General Khaled Sukkar: “That is the required role of the institution of [PA] media. Its role is not to report, because it is not a neutral media outlet; it is a media outlet with a national cause, a great cause, [as] there are constant confrontations with the occupation. Therefore that is the required role. Your professional and national role is to create the news item and so that others convey that news item, because you have the ability to convey the message. In the end it is your narrative.”
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