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PA religious council issues religious ruling forbidding Palestinians from voting or running in Jerusalem municipal elections

Headline: “The [Palestinian Supreme] Fatwa Council bans participating or running in the occupation’s municipal elections in Jerusalem”
     “The Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council yesterday [July 30, 2018] issued a religious ruling that bans running or voting in the occupation’s municipal elections in occupied Jerusalem…
The Supreme Fatwa Council added that at times the occupation has tempted the residents of Jerusalem to participate in the municipal elections, and at times has blackmailed them by reducing [the municipality’s] services, the policy of destroying [houses], not providing building permits, and imposing heavy taxes on the residents [of Jerusalem], and all of this in order to realize the occupation’s dream – establishing Israeli sovereignty over it.
On the same matter, it emphasized that voting or running in the municipal elections is forbidden by religious law, since this matter is subject to the rules of benefit and damage – which the sources of authority for estimating them are the knowledgeable religious scholars who know what the results will be – and there is no doubt at all that the damages that will be caused as a result of the participation are huge compared to the benefits.”
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