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Kidnappings only way to free those "whose hands are stained with blood"

Abdallah Awad in daily newspaper:
 "[Gilad] Shalit is better known in the world than any Palestinian prisoner, as if it is obvious to the near-sighted and racist world that Shalit will be released from prison... while a Palestinian must enter prison and die there...
The Hebrew state understands nothing but force in the 'conflict and solution' game. The microcosm of this is the 'imprisonment and release' game, which is currently at its climax, in what is known as the 'Shalit deal'...
In this [prisoner] game there is no place for 'humaneness' and 'morality' [on Israel's part]... as we have learned from the [past] stories of prisoner exchanges, or the exchange of bodies [of kidnapped Israeli soldiers] for prisoners between Hezbollah and the Hebrew state, and the Ahmad Jibril deal [1,150 prisoners exchanged for three Israelis soldiers], and [as we] now [learn from] - the Shalit deal.
The [Israeli] message is clear and unequivocal. Only, only - says the Hebrew state - by force, detainment, capture and kidnapping of occupation soldiers, is it possible to free Palestinian prisoners 'whose hands are stained with blood' [i.e. serving life sentences for murder]..."

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