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PMW findings cited in International Business Times article on PA's "pay-to-slay" policy

Vladimir Sloutsker  |
PMW findings cited in International Business Times article
 on PA's "pay-to-slay" policy

Is Palestine's 'Pay to Slay' Israelis program being bankrolled by the EU?

On the evening of 26th July 2018, as he was preparing a romantic dinner for his wife, 31 year-old Israeli man Yotam Ovadia was jumped upon by a 17 year-old Palestinian terrorist Muhammed Tareq Yussef, who repeatedly stabbed him to death in the community of Adam, just outside Jerusalem. Yotam was the father of two small children, aged two years and seven months. […]

The basic fact of the matter is that attacks like these do not occur in a vacuum. Such acts of pitiless slaughter are the direct result of a pervasive Palestinian infrastructure headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, indoctrinating hate, inciting violence and instilling a worldview justifying such gruesome acts. It should therefore come as no surprise that Abbas has refused to condemn the abhorrent murder of Yotam.

Instead, while Yotam's body was still warm, Abbas was in all likelihood getting out his checkbook to make sure the family of Yotam's murderer would receive a healthy pension for life under the Palestinian Authority's twisted 'Pay to Slay' program. This program, mandated under Palestinian law, requires the PA to reward Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails and their families with monthly stipends or salaries, which are in most cases many times higher than the average Palestinian salary. In fact, in this perverse Pay to Slay program, the more Israelis you murder, the greater the reward. In 2018, approximately $360 million, or 7% of the PA total budget, has been allocated towards such terror payouts.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the PA, who called Muhammed Tareq Yussef, Yotam's murderer, a 'martyr', will now reward Yussef's family with at least a one-time grant of $1,643 and a monthly allowance for life of $383.

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