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Father of terror victim cites PMW findings in JNS article

Stephen M. Flatow  |
Father of terror victim cites PMW findings
in JNS article

Trump gives the Palestinian Authority $61 million
as it pays killers of Americans

by Stephen M. Flatow

There were two notable developments last week related to the recent 17th anniversary of the bombing of Jerusalem’s Sbarro pizzeria. One was the release of a report showing that the Palestinian Authority has paid the terrorists and their families nearly $300,000. The other development was the Trump administration’s release of $61 million in aid to the PA that it was holding up.

Fifteen innocent people were massacred in the 2001 attack, including two American citizens — 15-year-old Malki Roth and New Jersey school teacher Judith Greenbaum.

The bomber himself was killed, but a number of his accomplices survived. The bomber’s family and the accomplices have been profiting handsomely. According to a new report by Palestinian Media Watch, the family of bomber Izz al-Din Al-Masir has received $50,124 from the PA.

Ahlam Tamimi, who planned the attack and brought the bomber to the pizzeria, is now living freely in Jordan. She has been paid at least $52,681 by the PA. (Her relative and admirer, Ahed Tamimi, recently served prison time for assaulting an Israeli soldier.) The terrorist who built the suicide bomb, Abdallah Barghouti, is in an Israeli prison. He has received at least $191,526 from the PA.
So the ongoing payments for the Sbarro massacre have now exceeded $294,332. And that number grows every single day.

In response to this atrocious policy, Congress recently passed the Taylor Force Act, which was supposed to end US aid to the PA if it continued to pay terrorists. Well, the PA is still paying terrorists, so how is it that the Trump administration was able to send $61 million to the terror organization earlier this month?

The answer is that while Jewish organizations were crowing about the great victory they supposedly achieved in the passage of the Taylor Force Act, the bill itself was being loaded up with loopholes and exceptions that would enable some US aid to continue to flow to the PA. In other words, despite all the tough rhetoric from the Trump administration and some Jewish leaders, America is still providing funds to the regime that is paying murderers of Americans.

Stephen M. Flatow is a vice president of the Religious Zionists of America, an attorney in New Jersey, and the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.