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The truth about Israeli prisons: Singing and dancing; TV and books

Itamar Marcus  |
The truth about Israeli prisons:
Singing and dancing; TV and books
  • Ahed Tamimi's description of singing and dancing, reading books and watching TV, refutes PA lies and libels about conditions in Israelis prisons
  • A male terrorist prisoner described that the "worst thing about Israeli prison" is when prisoners are forced to ride in a prison vehicle that does not have padding on the seat.  In the prisoner's words, this is suffering "beyond imagination."  
By Itamar Marcus

Palestinian 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who served eight months in Israeli prison for inciting suicide bombings and for striking Israeli soldiers, was asked by Russian RT TV how she passed the time.

Her descriptions of her daily routine for herself and the entire wing include singing, dancing, reading books, watching TV, even legal studies and matriculation exams, and refute the PA's ongoing
lies about the conditions in Israeli prisons.

The following is part of a longer interview on RT TV:
RT TV reporter: "Tell us in detail how you passed the time; what did you do inside the prisons?"
Ahed Tamimi: "As I told you, I did a lot of things: a legal course, we spent a lot of time on that, and matriculation exam studies; I read books; we would sing; we even had joint breakfasts of the entire wing - we would go outside, every room would bring its things, and we would eat together. We also ate lunch together most of the time. We also had parties; we would sit and sing, and dance. There were a lot of things that we did to pass the time: We watched TV, for example we jumped around in the rooms and did silly things; we did a lot of things."
[Russian channel RT TV Arabic, Aug. 1, 2018]

To see the full interview on RT TV click here.

Already a few years ago a released terrorist prisoner described the good life in the male side of prison:

PA TV host: "Describe a day in your life in prison. You served 10 years."
Released terrorist prisoner Muhammad Hilal: "In the morning we'd exercise from 7:00 until 8:00... Then the guys would get together in the prison yard and we'd chat, talk, eat, drink, joke and play, etc., throughout the day. At noon the guys would go to their rooms for roll-call. Noon roll-call is from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Roll-call time is time for resting in the rooms. Each group has a routine inside the rooms: Nap time, reading time, study time. Some sleep, some read. At 1:30 or 12:30 p.m. they'd take us out to the yard again. We'd spend [time] with the guys walking, laughing, playing, joking, etc., until dark. Then back to the rooms. They'd lock us up until 6:00 a.m., roll-call time."

When asked about the difficulties in Israeli prison, the terrorist lamented what he called the "worst thing about Israeli prison" - indeed in his words suffering "beyond imagination." Palestinian Media Watch is pleased to report that the "worst thing about Israeli prison" is forcing terrorist prisoners to ride in a prison vehicle that does not have padding on the seat.
"The worst thing about Israeli prison is the torturous ride inside 'the Posta' (i.e., transport vehicle)... when a man is driven to court or to the hospital or on any ride outside the prison... We prisoners call this 'ride of torment,' not 'the Posta' and not 'the ride.' This is beyond imagination. No matter how much I talk about it it's hard to convey the suffering. The prisoners sit on a metal chair, made entirely of metal, there's nothing but metal inside it... "
[Official PA TV, May 4, 2013]

Tamimi’s interview gives additional weight to the statement of the recently deposed Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake broadcast on official PA TV. At an event honoring the children of Palestinian prisoners who excelled in the high school matriculation exams, Karake said:

“This year, 900 prisoners in the prisons have also begun to take the matriculation exams, and more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are registered in the Palestinian universities for a bachelor’s degree. In other words, the prisons - despite the difficult conditions - have become universities and schools.”
[Official PA TV News, July 23, 2018]

As previously noted by PMW, the fact that Palestinian terrorist prisoners are studying for academic degrees within the prisons is a breach of the policy of Israel’s government. It should be noted that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) denies that the Palestinian terrorist prisoners are indeed studying in breach of the government’s decision. However, the repeated PA references to the growing number of terrorist prisoner students seems to undermine that stance.

Ahed Tamimi
- Female Palestinian teenager who served 8 months in Israeli prison for assaulting Israeli soldiers and incitement, including calling for suicide bombings. After her release on July 29, 2018, she met with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas who called Ahed "a role model for the Palestinian struggle."

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