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PLO and PA officials express pride in Palestinian prisoners who carry out academic studies; Salaries to terrorists and their families “will not be harmed”

Headline: “Completion of a course on international law and human rights for the prisoners of Nafha Prison”
       “Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released [Prisoners’] Afairs Qadri Abu Bakr said that through all the years of the Palestinian struggle, the occupation has violated all of the international conventions and agreements that clearly discuss the rights of liberation movement prisoners, and the obligation of the state that holds them to provide them with all the necessities for sustenance and health and all of their humanitarian needs.
Abu Bakr’s statements were made during the graduation ceremony of a course in international law and human rights for a group of 61 prisoners in the Nafha Prison. The course took place under the supervision of prisoner Yasser Abu Bakr (apparently refers to a terrorist responsible for murder of 3 including a baby –Ed.), and with the assistance of prisoners Nasser Awais (apparently refers to a terrorist responsible for murder of 14 –Ed.) and Izz Al-Din Hamamrah (apparently refers to a terrorist who recruited suicide bomber who murdered 8 –Ed.). The ceremony was held at An-Najah National University in the presence of Acting President of the University Dr. Maher Al-Natsheh, Nablus District Governor Akram Al-Rajoub, Secretary of the Fatah Movement in the Nablus District Jihad Ramadan, and Director of the UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Chair on Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Joni Aasi…
Abu Bakr expressed his pride in all the prisoners who have succeeded in turning the prisons into true schools, through the development of the study process with courses and classes and hundreds of them joining the Palestinian universities through distance learning. He also emphasized the ongoing efforts to remove all the obstacles and ease the students’ completion of their studies, and also to create a true partnership with the study institutes in order to help them quickly integrate into society after their release…
District Governor Akram Al-Rajoub noted the ongoing achievements of the prisoners through the creation of new fields of victory every day that passes. He also added that regardless of how many pressures are exerted on the Palestinian leadership, the salaries (rawatib) of the Martyrs (Shahids), the prisoners, and their families will not be harmed.”

Yasser Abu Bakr – terrorist of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing) who was responsible for a terrorist attack in Netanya on March 9, 2002, in which two terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at the Jeremy Hotel, murdering Avia Malka, a nine-month-old baby, and Israel Yihye, 27. Abu Bakr was also responsible for the murder of Israeli border policeman Constantine Danilov, 23, who was shot while trying to stop two terrorists from infiltrating Israeli territory in the area of Baqa Al-Gharbiya in northern Israel, as they were on their way to committing a suicide bombing on March 30, 2002. Abu Bakr is serving 3 life sentences and an additional 40 years.

Nasser Awais – Palestinian terrorist who planned many attacks, one of the founders of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah’s military wing), and assistant to arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti. Awais was convicted of murdering 14 Israelis and wounding dozens in different attacks: 6 murdered in a shooting attack at a Bat Mitzvah celebration in Hadera on Jan. 16, 2002; 3 murdered in a shooting and stabbing attack at the Seafood Market restaurant in Tel Aviv on March 5, 2002; 2 murdered in a shooting attack in Jerusalem on Jan. 22, 2002 ; 2 murdered, 1 a baby, in a hand grenade attack in Netanya on March 9, 2002; one Israeli border policeman murdered when Israeli forces deployed to prevent a planned terror attack in northern Israel on March 31, 2002. Awais is serving 14 life sentences and an additional 50 years.

Izz Al-Din Khaled Hamamrah - Palestinian terrorist and Tanzim (Fatah terror faction) member who recruited 23-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber Muhammad Za'oul, who carried out the suicide bombing of bus no. 14 in Jerusalem on Feb. 22, 2004, in which 8 were murdered and dozens injured. Hamamrah was also involved in shooting attacks in the area of Bethlehem, at the end of 2003 and in February 2004. Hamamrah is serving 10 life sentences.

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