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Editorial in PA daily criticizing Hamas-Israel ceasefire compares Trump to Shylock

     "Ten years of Hamas against the national reconciliation [with Fatah], and only three months were required for Hamas to reach a reconciliation with the occupation (refers to ceasefire agreement under negotiation between Israel and Hamas -Ed.) in return for what can be called 'banking reliefs' - loans for improving its situation in power only! These are indeed loans, because Israel... will not give Hamas gifts and undoubtedly will not give it anything for free. Perhaps Hamas needs to read the story The Merchant of Venice by [William] Shakespeare today (refers to play in which the sly Jewish moneylender Shylock demands that a debtor repay him with a pound of his own flesh -Ed.), so that perhaps it will understand what it must pay in order to return these loans, particularly because this time Shylock is the merchant and the contractor [US President] Donald Trump!"
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Shylock - refers to a character in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. Shylock is an antisemitic depiction of a cunning Jewish moneylender who demands that a debtor repay him with a pound of his own flesh. Later, Shylock is charged with attempted murder of a Christian and - instead of receiving the death penalty - is ordered to surrender his wealth and forced to convert to Christianity. "Shylock" has since become an antisemitic term to describe Jews pejoratively as those who lend money at excessive rates.

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