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Hamas fighters torture 13-year-old Palestinian boy, because of children’s quarrel

WARNING: This video contains images of a graphic nature involving a minor.

Official PA TV News, on Hamas members kidnapping and torturing a 13-year-old boy named Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah in Gaza following a quarrel between him and the son of a Hamas member.

13-year-old boy Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah: "They grabbed me and put me in a room. Then they started to hit me with daggers and a whip. He broke my finger. I demand justice. When one finished or tired out, another came and continued to hit me with a belt. They broke iron on my neck. Six people – they continued to hit me until the police came. Afterwards, the police arrested me. Later, my father came and started to shout at them, and then they released me..."
Father of Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah: "The people who hit him are known to us – they treated him like the [holiday] sacrifice... There is no need for this barbarity. To torture and hit him inside the mosque, to tie him up, to break sticks on him, and to hit him with chains. His soul was broken... He wanted to commit suicide! He told me: ‘Dad, I didn’t do anything.’ If we keep silent about something like this today, tomorrow they might do it to a small child, a two-year-old or a six-month-old. They might kill him... There are people who threatened me directly that they will murder my 13-year-old son Adham... We are in prison. If someone speaks up or raises his head – they [Hamas] kill him. The case is prearranged: Either he is a collaborator [with Israel] or [involved in] prostitution... I implore the human rights organizations, the Arab states, and all of the organizations to stand with us."
Mother of Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah: "You see the marks from the beating on my son... A beating like this – by Allah, even animals don’t receive such a beating... It doesn’t matter what the child did, the child is a minor. You hit him, kill him, tie his hands behind his back, because he hit his son, [the son] of someone from Hamas, from the Hamas leaders, from the commanders of the Al-Qassam (Hamas’ military wing), from Hamas’ militias, not from Hamas’ leadership... We have acquiesced to [Hamas’] disrespect. We have acquiesced to the humiliation. We have accepted – okay, when it’s done to adults. But when it comes to the children, what else remains in the world? Nothing good is left in the world."
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