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Abbas Advisor on Religious Affairs: “the conflict in Palestine is not a conflict between religions… all of the religions oppose terror”

“President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Ali Izzat Izetbegović who is visiting the State of Palestine as part of an official two day visit, met yesterday with Muslim, Christian, and Samaritan clergy…

PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs , Supreme Shari’ah Judge, [and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Justice’] Mahmoud Al-Habbash received the guest of Palestine and noted that this meeting that includes figures from all of the monotheistic religions reflects the religious coexistence that exists in Palestine, and that they are one hand and one heart.
He said that the conflict in Palestine is not a conflict between religions, and noted that all of the religions oppose terror.
Al-Habbash added that the Palestinian Jews fly the flag of Palestine in the heart of Jerusalem (possibly referring to Neturei Karta Jews, who are extremist, anti-Zionist, ultra-Orthodox Jews who deny Israel's right to exist until the Messiah comes and support the Palestinians – Ed.), and our people is also proud of the Christian community and the Samaritan community that constitute an integral part of our people. He also noted that we are striving for peace that is based on freedom and justice.”