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Editorial in PA daily attacking Hamas states PA transfers 4 million shekels a month to Gaza in prisoners’ salaries

Excerpt of editorial in the official PA daily

Headline: "Mahmoud Abbas 'imposes sanctions' in Gaza..."
      "What are the 'sanctions' of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas that Hamas claims that he is imposing on Gaza… What kind of sanctions are these that give and don’t take? President Mahmoud Abbas' 'sanctions' allow a government expenditure of billions on Gaza over the last 10 years, during which money was transferred to all of the sectors of government employment and services in Gaza: to health and education, water and electricity, salaries for military and civilian state employees and to members of the [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council)… and the salaries of the prisoners in the occupation's prisons and those who are released, and the salaries of the Ministry of Social Affairs employees… Civilian and military state employees, ministers and members of the PA Parliament: 80,911,000 shekels a month; retirees of all types: 100,429,000 shekels a month; expenses of [the Ministry for] Social Affairs: 59,866,000 shekels a month; expenses in the area of health, including transfers and medicines: 35 million shekels a month; salaries of the prisoners and the released [prisoners]:4,446,000 shekels a month; electricity and water: 50,762,000 shekels a month; operational expenses: 14,981,000 a month… and there are transfers that still don't appear in the government reports."