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Hundreds of prisoners and released prisoners study at Al-Quds Open University

Headline: "During a conference regarding The Prisoners' Cause in Modern Palestinian Literature in Ramallah, the speakers recommended strengthening the interest in prisoner literature"
"Participants in a conference discussing authors of creative children's books – which was organized by Al-Quds Open University and the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs in Ramallah and Gaza – recommended by video conference yesterday [Sept. 12, 2018] at the end of the conference to take an interest in prisoner literature as a way to restore the national education of the Palestinian child…
[Al-Quds Open University President Dr. Younes] Amr said that… Al-Quds Open University has already trained 3,000 released prisoners, and that at the moment 700 prisoners sitting in the occupation's prisons are studying there, alongside 500 released prisoners who are studying at the university."