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PA TV lies, claims “Palestinian antiquities” at Judean fortress of Herodium

Official PA TV newsreader:
"The occupation authorities continue to falsify and steal Palestinian antiquities at the archaeological site at the Herodium fortress..."
Official PA TV reporter: "The occupation tries to exploit the heritage sites for the benefit of the Israeli narrative: the existence of Jewish history on the land of Palestine. Therefore it is intentionally falsifying the facts, searching for false antiquities in this land, and striving to erase the Arab landmarks that contradict its narrative. Israeli attempts to falsify [the land's] Palestinian character [continue] at this important archaeological site."
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Note: 1980 years before the creation in 1965 of the “Palestinian people,” Judean King Herod built a palace fortress at Herodium, south of Jerusalem. There are no “Palestinian antiquities” at Herodium or anywhere in the land of Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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