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District governor of Qalqilya: Israel is “spreading drugs in order to harm the unity of the Palestinian people and spread arguments and strife”

Headline: "A workshop in Qalqilya on the subject of addiction to video games"

"Under the sponsorship of District Governor of Qalqilya Rafe’ Rawajbeh, and in cooperation with the Association for the War Against Drugs, the gender department yesterday [Sept. 19, 2018] organized a workshop to increase awareness on the subject of The Electronic Drugs that are Embodied in the Deadly Games. The workshop was held in the Abu Ali Iyad Auditorium (i.e., facility is named after a terrorist responsible for several attacks) in the Qalqilya district building.
Participating in the workshop were District Governor [Rawajbeh]… and Director of the Association for the War Against Drugs Dr. Ramzi Abu Yaman …
In the speech he gave during the workshop, the district governor expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Association for the War Against Drugs…
He emphasized the occupation's role in spreading drugs in order to harm the unity of the Palestinian people and spread arguments and strife, and this is in order to distract the Palestinian people from its affairs and from the establishment of the independent Palestinian state.
Dr. Ramzi Abu Yaman gave a detailed explanation about digital drugs [video games], their proliferation, and the way they work. He noted that they act through vibrations and sound waves in a way that affects the brain and causes hallucinations. He called to fight this phenomenon and to be careful of it so that it will not spread within our society."

Abu Ali Iyad was appointed head of Fatah military operations in 1966 and was responsible for several terror attacks. The attacks included a bombing in the town of Beit Yosef in northern Israel on April 25, 1966 (injuring 3 people), and placing bombs in the town of Margaliot in northern Israel on July 19, 1966. He was killed in 1971 in Jordan by the Jordanian army when it forced Fatah members out of the country.

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