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Terrorist killer of 37 is "heroine" and used as example of equality of sexes

Dr. Jamal Nazal (Fatah spokesman), in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
“On Dalal Mughrabi's birthday”

     “To sister Rashida [sister of Dalal Mughrabi]
Thank you for your groundbreaking step in celebrating the birthday of Dalal Mughrabi, the heroine of Palestinian heroines.

     What saddens me today, concerning the dear beloved Dalal, is more than the fact of her premature departure from this world. It is the deplorable situation of her peers in our society, in its present conditions. It saddens me that our definition of a heroine, when we are speaking of a woman, still limits her role to [merely] bearing arms, as though a woman becomes a heroine only through seeking Shahada (Martyrdom)!
I am speaking here of the woman's right to choose her sphere of study, the nature of her profession, her place of employment and place of residence, and about the most primary problem: her impaired right to choose a partner and to free herself of the family's veto (which is applied to males, too)!...

     The political establishment must draw up clear-cut laws prohibiting:
1. All forms of patronage over women
2. Family violence
3. Discrimination at work
4. Sexual and psychological harassment at places of employment (which in Palestine is more widespread than air, but is kept silent)

     The source of my respect, for Dalal is her quality of determination […] She said the word "no" adamantly and determinedly, and took leave of life without the conditions for respect that a person needs. She took her decision in her hands, without waiting for the green light from a guardian or the red light from the morality police, and set off on her way with a revolutionary, rebellious and liberated mentality […]
In her Shahada-seeking, as in her life, there is a call to every woman to cleave to life, since heroism does not rely on Shahada. Heroism is your being aware of your reality, from a critical perspective […]."

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