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Head of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs praises PA Ministry of Education for “taking care to transfer the matriculation exams” to Palestinians in Israeli prisons

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Education and the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ [Affairs] discussed the cooperation in the field of strengthening the prisoners’ right to education”

“Yesterday [Sept. 26, 2018] at the Ministry of Education building, [PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam and Director of the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr discussed ways of strengthening the cooperation to support the prisoners and released prisoners and strengthen their right to education building…
Abu Bakr praised the Ministry of Education’s efforts and its excellent role in supporting the prisoners’ cause, and for enabling them to complete their studies by taking care to transfer the matriculation exams to them inside the prisons.”

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